Will Reynolds’ Online Home

Will Reynolds’ Online Home

I help climate investors drive innovation on significant challenges or in under-examined areas. If you’re a founder or researcher, I’m happy to see how I/friends can help.


👋🏼 Kia ora. My name is Will. ⛷️ I enjoy skiing, waterskiing, Arsenal FC, climate science, rum, traveling, puppies, and making coffee for friends. 🌲 I love the freedom most of us have to travel the world, the beauty we find in forests, lakes, and river ecosystems, and I love the fact human ingenuity can redesign our world so this beauty lasts for generations.

To keep that, I want to help you create a thriving economic system which operates within planetary boundaries, and supports civilization’s resilience.

👨🏻‍🏭 I can serve as a climate science advisor to your fund or project — or join your project to work on operations & new programs if you’re scaling technology for our planet.


🙏🏼 I owe the fact I can pursue my passions to many people
I am relatively good at, or can help with
Some work background
Topics I know little about but would love to discuss
Judging panels or topics I can speak about

If you have technology which can transform the world, or you want to work together, let me know at my_first_name@wreynolds.nz


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