Old Content (pre-2020 website)

Drawn from my old personal website, preserved here to share with students and technologists who are relevant to it. The grammar and writing is rather poor.

Some Hopefully Useful Resources

Finding jobs in tech

Guide to getting a first job. Feel free to email me at will [at] wreynolds.nz for a hand.

Learning about startups for the first time.


Tips for living in London.

Leaving home is hard. Quickly finding communities by getting out to events and sending cold emails helps.


I came to Duke University after thinking I would never go, and working for six companies across 27 cities. Article on my reasoning.

For students / my Duke family

I occasionally send out this newsletter with events, some thoughts and job opportunities in SF/NY/Boston.

My Favourite Content

On hope and action. Hope works like the seven sins.

On productivity. An incredible guide by a great blogger.

Podcasts. Shows that have shaped who I am.

Books. Explore fs.blog or Patrick Collison’s bookshelf for great recommendations. I’m hesitant to recommend books without knowing someone.


Onboarding Guide — Working with Will & You Change Earth

Blog | Why I’m Writing