Onboarding Guide — Working with Will & You Change Earth

Three Key Things To Work With Me

  • If you don’t have much background in the climate crisis, read these key introduction articles - Climate Fundamentals Doc
  • I believe that China is an undervalued, underprioritized opportunity. If we can ever build or orient towards marketing to Chinese consumers (likely through platforms like WeChat), I would love to hear how.
  • Importantly, I am often off my phone or do not check texts for 4hrs - 2 days. If it is urgent or you want my attention, FaceTime (/Facetime Audio) me so it comes through to my laptop.

For YouChangeEarth Onboarding

I will add and send you all other requisite docs. Only the below you are responsible for.

  1. You should pin this as a tab / bookmark this spreadsheet -
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ef3k21kJeWFsYwPuP9k5xOWv3znzS0FJ4ogsvNBJVRE/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=115142876242783339477

    It is where we record every person/company we come across who we should reach out to. We also input every relationship we have on the ‘relationships’ tab.

  3. For working, I am always available to talk. But, we will try to check in weekly at least as a team. Be clear each week about your goals and Whatsapp them to me.
  4. If you need to discuss any complaints or issues with the team, I am always available for an anonymous chat. I also am very open to feedback. Please feel safe sharing if anything is going wrong. I would love to fix or adjust issues to maintain a cohesive team.
    1. If it is ever about me and you want to relay it anonymously, Alec is open for a conversation and will not tell me anything but what you want him to.
  5. If you can listen to podcasts - start listening to My Climate Journey. It is an exceptional podcast that will expose you to the business and research climate spheres.

Extra - If you want to learn on improving emails — email me asking for a great mini course.

Productivity thoughts

1 - being on your phone or getting constant notifications derails your ability to focus. 2 - noone can multitask.

With those in mind, to respect team members, please in meetings stay off your phone. Also consider separating yourself from devices while working alone. (a good article on why can be found here)

Important Principles - How To Be Great

  1. In every piece of work, think in terms of our goals and try to achieve them faster or more simply.
  2. “Keep asking yourself, what are we doing here? and, could we do this faster? And you will go exceptionally far.” - Shane Parrish

  3. Life will involve a lot of rejections and tough days of work. We are all in this together. It takes 10,000 steps to scale a mountain.
  4. Take initiative! If you see issues (ie. with this page) please text me or the group saying so. Or, just fix it or set a plan yourself and then say so.
  5. If you are early in your career, in meetings respectfully keep asking to dig for the answers you want. We can discuss this in person, but basically I am saying - run the meeting towards the meeting’s goals. Other (/older) people aren’t speaking gospel when they reject you or don’t answer the question you meant.
  6. Learn! To do valuable work we all need to be improving the way we tackle work. Self-critique, journalling and asking for feedback is one way. Another, is to listen to a lot of podcasts in your field!
    • Podcasts: Whatever your work is, today we have the opportunity to listen to experts discuss the way they think of opportunities of address problems in their work. I have only largely achieved what I have after learning from thousands of hours of podcasts. Podcasts [list, favorites, best]


I will eventually add to this page a ‘Working With Will’ guide that talks more about my personality and working styles